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The Departed: S1 EP01 'A Mother's Wish'

Episode 1:

Mimi is already on her journey (the mother's wish) and has left the Grasslands, her home, behind. After a stunning pursuit by a wild boarking, she gets ambushed by Peppu, a young wild boy, who it seems was just a bit hungry. She befriends him and they share a meal and sleep under the moonlit sky. Unfortunately they are rudely awakened and captured by a bandit gang. They escape, forced into the dark Elven ruins nearby where Mimi's Whisper ability comes in handy as she is helped by the ghosts of the long dead Elves. Peppu is blissfully unaware. As they finally exit the ruins, Peppu pledges to help her find her homeland and their story together begins here.

001 Wild Boarking Chase [colour].jpg
002 Fresh Meat [colour].jpg
003 Through the Elven Ruins [colour].jpg
004 Peppu's Ambush [colour].jpg
005 Campfire [colour].jpg
006 Night Sky [colour].jpg
007 The Bandit Gang [colour].jpg
008 Escape [colour].jpg
009 Ancient Pass [colour].jpg
010 Ghost Guide [colour].jpg
011 Last Light [colour].jpg
012 Onwards Together [colour].jpg